Multi-Visual-Inertial Sensor Calibration

Open MVIS is designed for multi-visual-inertial sensor calibration.


Visula-Inertial (VI)-Rig (4 IMUs and 5 Cameras):

  • MicroStrain GX3-25

  • MicroStrain GX3-35

  • Xsens MTI-100

  • RealSense T265 IMU

  • FLIR BlackFly

  • RealSense T265 Left&Right Cameras

  • ELP Left&Right Rolling Shutter Cameras

Main Features

This is designed to support the spatial-temporal and intrinsic calibration for multiple IMUs, Gyros, cameras. The main features of this repository are as following:

  • IMU intrinsic calibration (with kalibr and RPNG model)

  • Gyroscope intrinsic calibration (with Kalibr and RPNG model)

  • Camera intrinsic calibration refinement (with rad-tan/equi-dist model)

  • IMU-IMU spatial-temporal calibration (rotation, translation and timeoffset)

  • IMU-Gyro spatial-temporal calibration (rotation and timeoffset)

  • IMU-Cam spatial-temporal calibration (rotation, translation and timeoffset)

  • Rolling shutter readout time calibration (with first/middle/last row as image timestamp)

  • Evaluation scripts for calibration results

  • Open-sourced MVIS datasets

  • Support both Kalibr April Board and AuRco tags