Datasets Overview

This dataset is designed for research/calibration purpose of multiple-visual-inertial sensor rigs.


We use self-built VI-Rig to collect data. The VI-Rig contains 4 IMUs, one monocular camera and 2 pair stereo cameras. We treat each camera of a stereo as two monocular cameras. So, we claim we have totally 5 cameras.


Visula-Inertial (VI)-Rig (4 IMUs and 5 Cameras):

  • MicroStrain GX3-25

  • MicroStrain GX3-35

  • Xsens MTI-100

  • RealSense T265 IMU

  • FLIR BlackFly

  • RealSense T265 Left&Right Cameras

  • ELP Left&Right Rolling Shutter Cameras

The ROS drivers can be found here.

Datasets Info

The datasets contain the following ros topics:

sensor hz topic resolution
MicroStrain GX3-25 500hz /gx3_25/data
MicroStrain GX3-25 100hz /gx3_35/imudata
Xsens MTI-100 400hz /imu/data
RealSense T265 IMU 200hz /t265/imu
RealSense T265 Left 30hz /t265/fisheye2/image_raw 848x800
RealSense T265 Right 30hz /t265/fisheye2/image_raw 848x800
ELP Left Rolling Shutter 25hz /elpsplit_sync_image_node/left/image_raw 640x480
ELP Right Rolling Shutter 25hz /elp/split_sync_image_node/right/image_raw 640x480